NOTHING Mobile Brand launched & introduced its Sub Brand (CMF) Phone , CMF Phone 1, CMF  Watch Pro 2 & Buds Pro 2 in Nepal

Nothing Technology Limited, a pioneer British-based consumer electronics company founded by Carl Pei, has expanded its product lineup through its sub-brand CMF globally, focusing on core functionalities and a commitment to exceptional design. NOTHING continues to push boundaries in the tech industry with blend of innovation and aesthetic appeal.

NOTHING as a brand has been launched in Nepal along with the global launch of CMF Phone 1, CMF Buds Pro 2, and Watch Pro 2 simultaneously in an event organized at VIVANTA KATHMANDU with the presence of senior officials along with distinguished guests, business partners, celebrities, media and prominent personalities.

With the launch of CMF Phone 1, CMF Buds, CMF Buds Pro 2, and Watch Pro 2 symbolize the brand’s ethos of “Wonderful Design”. Nothing has showcased its dedication to innovation, design excellence, and consumer-centric technology solutions.

The CMF Phone 1 marks CMF’s debut in the smartphone market, offering a blend of personalization and functionality aimed at meeting diverse consumer preferences. Available in Black, Orange, Light Green, and Blue, each variant of the CMF Phone 1 presents a distinct choice between a textured case for a sophisticated feel and a vegan leather finish for a more tactile experience.

Simultaneously, Nothing introduced the Phone 2A, featuring the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro chipset. NOTHING has also introduced the Ear  and Ear (a) (Ear Buds).

CG Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. has announced the vibrant and colorful Nepali actor Pradeep Khadka as their brand ambassador, emphasizing their commitment to engaging with local audiences and establishing a strong brand presence in Nepal. Mr. Khadka’s endorsement is expected to connect well with target consumers, enhancing brand visibility and consumer trust across the region.

The official unveiling of CMF Phone 1, CMF Buds Pro 2, CMF Watch Pro 2, CMF Buds, and Nothing Phone CMF Phone 1, CMF Buds Pro 2, CMF Watch Pro 2, CMF Buds, and Nothing Phone (2a), Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) has been revealed by Mr. Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director of Chaudhary Group & Brand Ambassador Mr. Pradip Khadka in the event.

This event showcased the strategic partnership between NOTHING and CG Mobiles Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor for Nothing and CMF brands in Nepal. Leveraging CG Group’s robust distribution network, the aim is to effectively introduce and promote these cutting-edge products to Nepalese consumers.

These launches are poised to captivate tech enthusiasts and consumers seeking innovative, stylish, and functional consumer electronics solutions in Nepal underscoring it’s commitment to redefining consumer electronics through innovation, strategic partnerships, and consumer-centric design. Nothing continues to set new benchmarks in the global consumer technology industry.


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